Holidays in the Ostseebad Sellin

[Translate to Englisch:] Insel Rügen - Die Perle der Ostsee

The Ostseebad Sellin is certainly a first address, when it comes to Rügen or on the Baltic Sea vacation. The place is one of the most beautiful and quiet seaside resorts on the east coast. The splendid villas of the Baltic Sea spa were built between 1896 and 1912. During this period, the Wilhelmstraße, which houses the most beautiful villas of Sellins, was also built, including our hotel "Villa Elisabeth". This is where most of the hotels and shops are located. Many have beautiful terraces, from which one can admire the splendidly picturesque architecture of the taditional architecture.

The Wilhelmstraße ends at the coast with the view of the sea and the beach. Just "poet on the horizon". Sellin, the famous pier, was rebuilt in 1998 after the historic model of 1927. On the pier you will find a cafe, a restaurant and a stand for all who want to be trusted on Rügen. You can sit on the terrace and watch the sunset. Even in bad weather, a restaurant visit is an attraction. Then you can see the sea running through the huge panoramic windows.

The more than 100 years old Ostseebad offers you a lot more


If you want to explore the island from Sellin, you can take the bike, the bus, the Kleinbahn Rasender Roland or the boat from the pier.